Board of Directors (2023)

Executive Board Of Directors:

President: Michelle Thomas (click here to contact)
Vice President: Terrance W. (click here to contact)
Treasurer: Shanda Martin (click here to contact)
Secretary: Tionne Slade (click here to contact)                                                                                                                                                                                                Football/Cheer Chairman : Erica Griffin (click here to contact)


General Board of Directors:

Athletic Director: TBD

Football Director: TBD

Cheer Director : Neikia O’Neal

Asst Cheer Director: TBD

Social Media Mgr. Nicolus M.

Registrar: Shanda Martin

Football Ambassador: Andre Richards

Equip Manager of Football: TBD

Equip Manager of Cheer: TBD

Merchandise Coordinator: TBD

Fundraising Manager: TBD

Events Coordinator: Shelunda Cooper

Web Mater: Nicolus M.

If you are interested in joining any of our open Board Options please contact our President Michelle Thomas Or our Secretary Tionne Slade.